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Gifted Program

APS Gifted Programs are provided through funding from Special Education.

To qualify for gifted services, students must be referred to the School Support Team by a parent, teacher or other staff members. Students are then screened by staff and are possibly referred for further testing by an evaluation specialist to determine eligibility as specified by New Mexico State Law.

Gifted programs are designed to provide an individualized curriculum based on student needs; thus, gifted program offerings may vary from year to year depending on identified student need.

The district's core strand based curriculum for gifted instruction is the model around which the gifted programs are designed. In addition, the content based gifted offerings address the district mandated standards for each content area.

The Individualized Education Program (IEP) Committee determines the amount of time and services that a student will receive. Participation in gifted programs may not exceed 3 periods per day.

6th Grade Gifted Language and Literature

Questioning and problem posing are two of the techniques used in the sixth grade gifted program to modify the required sixth-grade language arts and literature content. These modifications make the content more abstract, complex, multifaceted, and open-ended, and thus more appropriate for advanced learners.

The distinction between the regular education program and the gifted program is in the academic level of the work, not the quantity of work. In this program, the teachers coach in response to individual strengths and interests, crafting lessons that balance risk-taking and support.

Curriculum and instruction are designed in ways to reinforce basic skills while helping students experience, accept, and embrace challenge.

7th Grade Gifted Language and Literature

The living nature of our English language is the theme of seventh grade gifted language and literature. The history of our language's development and the key figures of that history are the threads that bind the tapestry of this course.

Played against this tapestry are the writing process, spelling, vocabulary, literary analysis, and general communications skills. Through intense writing exercises, and lively literary debate, students are encouraged to find their voice and to value the power of the written word.

All genres of writing will be explored as student's work to increase their ability to express themselves with power and clarity.

8th Grade Gifted Language and Literature

The eighth grade gifted language and literature program emphasizes academic and intellectual growth and achievement as well as personal self-concept development, originality, creative freedom, and respect for others.

The course encourages higher level thinking and creativity in discussions, writing, and projects. The teachers maintain an environment in which students' thoughts and ideas are respected and valued along with those of the teachers.

The goals of the course include the development of thoughtful individuals who respectfully consider ideas and issues as reflected in literature and life.