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School Rules

Students should follow the classroom rules of each teacher. Inappropriate behavior includes any action that would disrupt the learning process. If a student does not follow the rules, after warnings and/or parent contacts, the student may be referred to the administration.

Eisenhower provides a variety of consequences for improper behavior or for violation of school rules.

  1. Redirect  -  teachers may send students out of the classroom to a trained redirector who helps the student re-focus and improve behavior.
  2. Lunch Detention/Community Service - used for minor violations and for improper behavior.  Students need to purchase a lunch from the cafeteria before school or bring a sack lunch from home if they are assigned lunch detention.
  3. Before School Detention - This is an option used by some teachers, but not, at this time, by the administration.  It may be used as a consequence for classroom-related discipline problems or minor rule infractions.  A parent is notified by the teacher if a student is assigned to detention.  Twenty-four hour prior notification is provided in order to arrange transportation.
  4. Parent Conference - used to review student’s behavior and to identify necessary changes.  It is a valuable tool to maintain or establish communication between school, parents, and student.
  5. SRC - an in-school suspension program used only by the administration for dealing with major discipline problems.  Parents are notified of placement into SRC.  Students may bring a sack lunch or purchase a school lunch.  The SRC procedure is to isolate the students from their peers for a specified period of time.  Teachers are notified of the suspension and send assignments for the students.  Full credit will be given provided assignments are completed by the teachers’ deadlines.  
  6. Home Suspension - a consequence used by the administration after all other approaches have been used in working with a student.  The use or possession of drugs, alcohol, or weapons are an automatic cause for home suspension.

Personal items such as palm pilots, cell phones, CD players, game boys, game cards, iPODS’s, and MP3’s, (anything expensive and/or electronic) etc. should stay at home.  If you choose to bring these items to school and they are broken, stolen, or lost, we cannot be responsible.  We will not investigate allegations of theft particularly since missing items frequently turn out to be student irresponsibility.  We will contact the APS Police Officer to file a report. These items cannot be used during class or lunch time and must be put away during school hours.  The office will not spend time resolving these issues.  While the district DOES allow pagers and cell phones, they must be turned off and put away in a student’s locker during school hours.  These are also personal items and we will not be responsible for theft or loss of these items.


Laser pointers are not allowed at school under any circumstances.  Although a low-powered laser device, laser pointers can cause significant injury to the eye and are, in fact, sold with a hazard notice warning consumers of the potential for eye injury.  Possession and/or use of any laser pointer will result in two days in our Student Responsibility Center.