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Committees & Volunteering

Committee Descriptions

Training is available for all positions if needed!
Instructions from previous year’s chairs are also provided


8th Grade Activity Day – Chair will work with EMS staff 8th-grade chair to find volunteers to work on the day of the activity day. Commitment: March (to plan)-May


8th Grade Recognition – Chair will obtain current information about the 8th-grade recognition ceremony from the EMS staff 8th-grade chair.  Use this information to make and order invitations to be mailed to 8th-grade families. Address labels can be ordered from the counseling office. A committee is optional. You may want help for affixing address labels and stamps to the invitations.  Commitment:  March (to plan)-May


8th Grade Year-End Dance – Chair will plan the 8th-grade year-end dance. This includes food, decorations, tickets, music, chaperones, etc. A committee of 8-10 people is needed. Commitment: March-May


Book Fairs – Chair will work with the librarian to organize two book fairs: one in the fall and one in the spring. This includes setting up, advertising, finding volunteers, and cleaning up. Commitment:  September-October and January-February


Box Tops – Chair will organize bi-weekly/monthly contests for students encouraging them to turn in Box Tops for Education. Donated prizes should be secured. A committee is optional. Commitment: year-round


Cookie Exchange for EMS Staff – Chair will solicit volunteers to bake cookies for staff cookie exchange before winter break.  Business donations can also be solicited. The chair will advertise exchange with the staff and reserve conference room. Set-up and clean-up on the day of the event is required. The second exchange before spring break is optional. Commitment:  December (March optional)


Craft Fair/Bake Sale – Chair will find volunteers to work at the bake sale on the day of the craft fair and ask volunteers to bake treats.  Business donations are encouraged. Note: Craft fair may not happen in 2017. Commitment: November-December **CHAIR FILLED, VOLUNTEERS STILL NEEDED (for committee)**


Five Star Friday – Chair will collect articles for and compile the weekly email newsletter. The finished product is sent to the EMS technology person for distribution to the school community. Commitment: year-round **FILLED**


The Generals Fund - Manage a direct donation drive once or twice a year. Commitment:  Fall and Spring


IC Representative – PTA volunteer will attend the bi-weekly Instructional Council meeting at EMS. This committee is made up of department representatives and administration and discusses issues affecting the whole school. The volunteer will report back to the PTA membership at each PTA meeting. Commitment: year-round **FILLED**


Library Support – Chair will find volunteers to staff the library during lunch time so our Librarian can take a lunch break.  Weekly email reminders are helpful. Other special Libary projects may also occur. Commitment:  year-round  **CHAIR FILLED, VOLUNTEERS STILL WELCOME**


PTA Reflections – Committee will run the National PTA art contest. This includes advertising, judging, and awards. Commitment: October-January


Registration Day August 2018 - Chair will update and copy PTA flyers for distribution, set up PTA tables, and coordinate volunteers to man the tables and greet parents and incoming students. Commitment: End of July/Early August


Restaurant Nights – Organize monthly fundraiser nights at local restaurants. This mainly consists of online sign ups and advertising. A committee is optional. Commitment: year-round  **CHAIR FILLED, VOLUNTEERS STILL WELCOME**


Spirit Gear – Chair will run one or two spirit gear drives during the school year. This can include shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, backpacks, etc. or it can only be shirts. This includes advertising, collecting orders, placing the order, and distribution. Commitment:  September-October (more is optional)

Staff Appreciation – Responsible for monthly staff mailbox treats. This can be done by one person or a committee. There is a budget for expenses. Commitment: year-round


Staff Luncheons – Chair is responsible for hosting (or finding hosts for) monthly staff luncheons. There is a budget for some expenses, although soliciting donations and asking parents to volunteer is required too. Commitment:  year-round


Student Achievement – Chair is responsible for hosting a Straight A Lunch for all students who have earned it. This includes getting reports from the counseling office secretary, making invitations, finding a couple volunteers for the event, and clean-up. A smaller treat is also given to other high-achieving students (GPA 3.5 and up). There is a budget for expenses. Commitment:  January


Student Store Supplies – Currently suspended. We will revisit after school starts back up


Student Store Coordinator – Currently suspended. We will revisit after school starts back up


Teacher Mini Grants – Distribute and collect mini grant information to the staff. After the deadline, a committee will score the applications and determine awards. Work with PTA Treasurer and awardees to make sure the proper paperwork is completed (tax exempt form, receipts/invoices, etc). Commitment:  Fall and Spring


WEB Day August 2018 – Organize the lunch for incoming 6th graders and WEB leaders on the Jump Start Day. Find volunteers to serve and clean up. Commitment:  End of July/Early August 2018


Workroom – Chair will solicit and schedule volunteers to make copies in teacher workroom. This is hugely popular & an important program for our teachers! Commitment:  year-round  **CHAIR FILLED, VOLUNTEERS STILL WELCOME**


All positions are negotiable .. to fit individual needs.  For further information, please email us with any questions! If you're ready to signup for anything, please click HERE

EMS PTA Committees

Our many committees cover a lot of ground - everything from raising funds to cover our annual budget to staffing the Staff Workroom to providing hundreds of homemade treats for our annual Holiday Cookie Exchange for the staff. We need volunteers to make our events and programs a success!


Whether you have time to volunteer 3 hours a week or 3 hours a year at Eisenhower or from home, we'd love to hear from you! We can always use help with ongoing activities such as Library Lunch Duty, Workroom, and Staff Appreciation.


If you would like to learn more about any of our great committees, send a "no obligation" email to eisenhower.mid.school.pta@gmail.com