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Dress Code

Eisenhower Middle School is very proud of our well groomed student population.  Students should be neat and clean at all times.  Prohibited dress includes:

  • Any attire or accessories which advertise, display, or promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual activity, violence, disrespect and /or bigotry towards any group.
  • Any clothing that is or becomes a symbol of gangs will be prohibited.
  • Unacceptable clothing and accessories also include, but are not limited to, skulls and crossbones, excessively tight or revealing clothes, short shorts or skirts, bare midriffs, low-cut blouses, off the shoulder blouses, spaghetti straps, pajama bottoms, slippers, bandanas, spiked jewelry, chains, trench coats, and steel-toed boots.
  • Clothing which appears to look like pajamas including footwear that looks like house shoes or slippers are not appropriate or allowed at school.
  • Students will be directed to dress appropriately and will change into clothing provided by the school.  Students may pick up their own clothing at the end of the day.  Repeat dress code offenders will wait in our in-school suspension room while parents bring students a change of clothing.
  • We will use the “fingertip” method to determine whether a student’s shorts/skirt is long enough.  If a student’s shorts/skirt length needs to be assessed, we will ask the student to stand, shoulders relaxed, and hold their arms at their sides to determine if the length is appropriate.  Shorts and skirts can be no shorter than the end of the student’s longest fingertip.
  • The length of shirts needs to be long enough so that when students raise their hands over their heads, no skin is showing.  Shoulder straps on shirts must be at least two inches wide.
  • Sagging, or wearing of shorts/pants below the waist and or in a manner that allows underwear, under clothing, or base skin to show, or excessively baggy or long pants with low-hanging crotches are prohibited.  Pants must fit at the waist without the aid of a belt.  Pants, skirts, skorts, and shorts must be neatly hemmed – no fraying over 1 inch long permitted.
  • While holes in clothing are discouraged, students who do wear clothing with holes need to avoid showing skin through the holes.  Holes are limited to beyond a student’s fingertips when the student’s arms are held relaxed at their sides.
  • Hats, caps, or head coverings of any kind are not to be worn in the building except when there is a specific instructional, safety, religious or medical reason to do so.
  • Any piece of clothing or accessory that can be a safety hazard may also be deemed unacceptable.  Safety pins used as a design statement are not permitted.
  • Unnatural hair colors such as pink, blue, purple, green, etc. are unacceptable.
  • Please be aware that excessive or distracting facial piercing may be disruptive to the learning environment.

APS Dress Code Policy


The Eisenhower Middle School dress code is based on the APS Student Dress Code.

Read the APS Student Dress Code >>